Recognizing the Risen Jesus

year with jesus

“Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him; and he vanished from their sight.”

Luke [24:31]

After the resurrection, Jesus walked to Emmaus with two disciples. Along the way, neither recognized Jesus but listened to his story. When they arrived in Emmaus, they sat down for a meal, and the risen Jesus prayed. Upon hearing the prayer, the two immediately recognized that Jesus had been with them. Jesus vanishes from their sight, but they are left as believers in the power of Jesus and the resurrection. Our lives are the same, as we journey on our way to our life’s Emmaus, we will also be visited by Jesus. Who will tell us his story? Upon our recognition, he will vanish from our earthly senses and reside in our hearts. No longer will we rely on believing in what we see, but believing in the power of the unseen.

Points of Reflection

  • Why is it hard for us to recognize Jesus?
  • What does “Faith in the unseen” mean to you?
  • Name instances in your life where Jesus was with you, but you recognized his presence after the fact.

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