Inspiring your heart with the love of Jesus and connecting lessons of the Gospel to your daily lives.


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What is holding us back in our lives, preventing us from crossing the River Jordan to the promised land? Explore how you can change your path.  

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman

For us at A Closer Walk With Jesus, all that we do is intended to help others move closer to Jesus. We have three simple goals; to inspire hearts to love Jesus, provide hope through the good news of Jesus and encourage people to move closer to Jesus. Jesus wants to be in all our lives. He is knocking at all of our life’s door.

Through our ministry we try to help with this connection. Our blogs, podcasts, books, tweets, images and videos all are created with this intent, to inspire, give hope and encourage.

In all that we do, we do for Jesus. In every word we write or speak; we do through Jesus. It is Jesus that we give the glory. Jesus’s message guides our thoughts. And to Jesus we give our praise.