Not My Will but Yours

year with jesus

Not My Will but Yours

Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me;

yet, not my will but yours be done.

Luke [22:42]

These famous and fundamental words were spoken by Jesus in the Garden on the night before his crucifixion. A statement made in his full humanity that shows us how to serve God. Jesus wrestled with his next step in being the obedient son, knowing the turmoil that existed before him. His choice of obedience to serve, while painful, provided humanity with a life that is eternal by taking on the burden of our sins. In this act of trusting God, he gives both an example of serving God’s will and, for faithful believers, a life of continuous second chances. Doing God’s will and being a disciple doesn’t mean our answers or actions are easy; it does mean a life of faithful purpose.

Points of Reflection

  • What does it mean “to do God’s will,” and what are the challenges?
  • What are the differences in short term gains versus long term gains with God?
  • What decisions have we made that were aligned with God but created short term struggles? 

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