Love All When Walking With God

God’s rule is to love all.

Lessons explored in this episode: 

  • Leading with a heart of love in all we do
  • Loving our neighbors in all circumstances
  • Remembering God’s one requirement is to love

This week’s thought and challenge:

Always walk with a spirit of love for God and our neighbor.

Suggested actions for this week: 

  1. Lead with a heart of love in all we do
  2. Love our neighbors in all circumstances
  3. Remember God’s one requirement is to love

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman is a Christian author and advisor. He has written four highly-rated books; Jesus & Co., Your Faith Has Made You Well, Spend a Year With Jesus, and Jesus is Everything. 

Pastor Lou Strugala is the founder and leader of Church By The Bay in Absecon, New Jersey. Lou is also a street pastor who engages in many activities to help those struggling, including providing thousands of meals to shut-ins, clothing for the homeless, and support throughout southern New Jersey. Lou is a chaplain for many police departments, including the New Jersey State Police. 

Two men and Jesus is a weekly VLOG/Podcast in which Dr. Bruce L Hartman and Pastor Lou Strugala discuss Christian topics about daily life. The weekly episodes are based on Pastor Lou’s blog for the week. Topics range from “God can make the impossible possible!” to “Finding Joy through Jesus.” Listen each week to two close friends discussing faith and daily life from the everyday person’s point of view.