Remembering Those Who Need Our Help

Lessons explored in this episode: 

  • Those we help, many times are just like us.
  • Hard times hit all.
  • Ours is not to Judge but to help!
  • We are blessed when we help others

This week’s thought and challenge:

Remember Those Who Need Our Help. They look like us.

Suggested actions for this week: 

  1. Even the simplest thing helps
  2. Love all people as yourself
  3. Don’t judge, instead help
  4. Be grateful we can give.

Then say to the Lord your God: ‘I have removed from my house the sacred portion, and have given it to the Levite, the foreigner, the orphan, and the widow, according to all You have commanded…. 

Deuteronomy [26:13] 

Yesterday was a great day!  A group of volunteers from all walks of life; teachers, state troopers, social workers, and just regular folks came together to help feed, clothe and care for the people of Millville, NJ.  As often happens, the outpouring of gratitude and blessings far exceeded any efforts we put forward.  We were blessed over and over again!  This Scripture verse says our gifts and donations are sacred. How true that is.  

Three things came to mind when I recalled yesterday: 

1- We could not have accomplished what we did without your help, donations, and the commitment of volunteers to organize the donations and present what we have to give away with dignity.  

2-The simplest thing can make the most significant difference to someone in need.  A gentleman came up with hesitation and found a blanket with puppies decorating it.  As he picked it up to hold close to his heart, tears of joy and a huge smile came upon him.  Our gifts can change lives.  

3-They looked like me.  All the people that we served could at any point have been any of us, depending on circumstances.  And we could have been any of them.  They looked just like me… 

God calls us all from the earliest days to care for the needy.  So as the holiday season begins, let’s remember those who just can’t care for themselves.  Your day will be blessed when you bless others. 

Praying in thanksgiving for all God has blessed us with… 

Pastor Lou Strugala 

Lou’s Challenge: Remember Those Who Need Our Help, they look like us. 

  1. Even the simplest thing helps 
  2. Love all people as yourself 
  3. Don’t judge, instead help 
  4. Be grateful we can give. 

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman is a Christian author and advisor. He has written four highly-rated books; Jesus & Co., Your Faith Has Made You Well, Spend a Year With Jesus, and Jesus is Everything.

Pastor Lou Strugala is the founder and leader of Church By The Bay in Absecon, New Jersey. Lou is also a street pastor who engages in many activities to help those struggling, including providing thousands of meals to shut-ins, clothing for the homeless, and support throughout southern New Jersey. Lou is a chaplain for many police departments, including the New Jersey State Police.

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