Press Release: Your Faith Has Made You Well Released Today, Sept. 3, 2019

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Your Faith Has Made You Well Cover

Your Faith Has Made You Well, Released Today September 3rd, 2019.

 Author Dr. Bruce L Hartman.

 A Radical New Way of Thriving in a Turbulent World.

“Well done! The most fundamental theological argument is healing and wholeness is not something that is magically/miraculously provided by God’s hand without our involvement, but

that it is what can happen when we involve ourselves with God .“
—Gil Rendle, Author  and Pastor

“For the first time in my life, I read a book from start to finish in a single seating. I found this book easy to read and impossible to put down. “

Emmitt Gibson, Retired 2-star General, Army

“Dr. Hartman is a wise man with a warm heart.”

Dr. Heather Murray Elkins, Author of “Holy Stuff of Life”

We’ve all stood at the inevitable crossroads of life of choosing a life of resignation or moving forward with God. Your Faith Has Made You Well, provides a new and radical way to be shown the path to take. A path that leads to fulfillment and peace. A book that shows how to be healed through a personal relationship with God. Read about ordinary day faith warriors who have been tested and learned to thrive, despite turmoil and setbacks. A step by step way to recover and develop a faith-based life.

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman,  former executive with 30 years of success at Fortune 500 Companies like Foot Locker and Yankee Candle, who became a Theologian;  provides a unique and practical  look at faith. Your Faith Has Made You Well: A Radical New Way to Create Peace and Hope Connecting (September 3rd, 2019 – Post Hill Press).

In this dynamic book, Hartman brings the historical Jesus to life for the contemporary world as he skillfully marries the stories of modern day faith heroes with the actual words spoken by Jesus, providing a blueprint of not only how to survive a turbulent world, but thrive.

For an interview, Hartman can discuss:

  • How faith can move individuals from despair to joy
  • How to calm the inner voice and turn to God
  • The importance of focusing on Christ and not the daily headlines
  • How to pray and know Christ more intimately
  • Ways to change the national discourse of anger and discourse

Prior to becoming an author and trained theologian whose Goal in life is to “walk with people into a brighter future” as they navigate life—Hartman was the Executive VP and CFO at Yankee Candle Company, Cushman and Wakefield, and Foot Locker, Inc.,

Earning his Master of Divinity (2013) and Doctorate (May 2018) from Drew University Theological School, Hartman writes, “Who is Jesus? The way, the light and savior. Jesus knows us intimately. Jesus breathed life into us before our first breath. But most importantly his words and presence are as available to us today as they were for the first-century”.

Offering a rare blend of practical and immensely relevant actions, Your faith Has Made You Well, provides real answers of turning our eyes towards Jesus, healing us physically and spiritually. Providing actionable insights that will help the everyday person navigate the pressures and challenges modern life.


Your faith Has Made You Well: A Radical New Way to Create Peace and Hope.

by Bruce L. Hartman 

 On-Sale: September 3rd, 2019
Paperback/192 Pages/$16.99
ISBN-13: 978-1642932133

Post Hill Press

         Dr. BRUCE L. HARTMAN 

Bruce Hartman, Author and Storyteller, has an illustrious history of major corporate experience in the fields of sales, finance, and operations, with companies as well known as Yankee Candle, Cushman & Wakefield, and FootLocker.

Bruce was known as a turnaround expert, bringing companies back from the brink of near bankruptcy and on to sterling success.  Bruce’s passion for mentoring people has enabled him to repeatedly develop talent into C-suite executives, and encourage employee engagement and development at all levels. He credits his achievements to the wonderful people he worked with, and to his ability to recognize talent and simple solutions.

Switching career direction to ministry from the corporate world after thirty-five years brought Bruce to a crossroads in his life where he was inspired to find a way he could serve his two passions: Jesus and Christian values, and his business acumen. Bruce returned to school and in 2013, he graduated with a Master of Divinity (2013) and Doctorate (May 2018) from Drew University Theological School, earning the Daniel P. Kidder Award for the highest GPA in Pastoral Care.

Today, Hartman uses his vast business expertise with a Christ-centered approach to help individuals achieve success in life and with their faith.

Hartman also serves on the board of trustees for Drew University and the United Methodist Development Fund. He remains committed to exploring and sharing the benefits of the intersection of Christianity, career, and leadership.

Bruce lives in North Carolina with his wife, Connie and enjoys spending time with his four daughters.

Visit his website and blog at: