Fortune 500 Exec. & CFO on Fostering Integrity, Camaraderie, and Accountability at Work

“A must-read for any business executive looking to be successful ethically and professionally!”
—Mike Zawosky, Former CEO of Shoe Sensation


“Bruce is one of the brightest financial executives I have worked with. He was excellent at driving productivity improvement programs and cash optimization strategies. He is also an experienced change agent, who helped drive a positive transformation of Yankee Candle.”

—Harlan Kent, CEO Performance Sports Group

We’ve all seen the headlines filled with individuals in powerful positions whose wrong-doings have come to light. We react with outrage, shock and dismay and believe we’d never let something like that happen. The reality is, workers in the marketplace are faced with moral decisions almost every day and there’s one thing that’s certain – your personal brand is your greatest asset!

Bruce L. Hartman, a seasoned executive with 30 years of success at Fortune 500 firms has repeatedly developed talent into C-Suite executives, encouraged employee engagement and development at all levels, and transformed organizations into high-performing centers of excellence.

Prior to founding Gideon Advisors—a Christian advisory firm committed to “walking with people into a brighter future” as they navigate life and career transitions—Hartman was the Executive VP and CFO at Yankee Candle Company, Cushman and Wakefield, and Foot Locker, Inc., where he established global banking and capital market structures and contributed to significant increases in enterprise value. During his tenure at Foot Locker, the company rose from near bankruptcy to solid earnings generation with a stock price increase of 900%.

In his forthcoming book, Jesus & Co: Connecting the Lessons of The Gospel with Today’s Business World (March 20, 2018 – Post Hill Press), Hartman offers a rare blend of strategic and tactical business acumen with Christian principles of integrity, camaraderie, and accountability.

For an interview, Hartman can discuss:

  • His personal story as an executive VP and CFO in several Fortune 500 companies
  • How you can be both ethical and professional at work
  • The importance of authenticity and morality in business decisions
  • How to be a trusted and effective mentor
  • What it means to be a person of faith in the corporate world
  • How the stories of Jesus are relevant to the modern business world

Earning his Master of Divinity (2013) and Doctorate (May 2018) from Drew University Theological School, Hartman writes, “Who is Jesus to our current Marketplace? He is the founder of the largest organization in the world. He worked his way up from the bottom of the marketplace. If he booked a speaking tour in contemporary times, he would sell out every venue on the tour. He is a gifted strategist and keeps the road straight. He has been there and knows our issues. But most importantly his words and presence are as available to us today as they were for the first-century marketplace”.

In this dynamic book, Hartman fosters professional and business growth while providing actionable insights that will help workers, CEO’s and executives navigate the pressures and challenges of the modern workplace.