Jesus is Everything – The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast Part 2

Part 2: Dr. Bruce L Hartman was a guest on the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast to discuss his book, Jesus is Everything. 

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman, a former CFO for Fortune 500 firms, such as Yankee Candle Company and Foot Locker, left the corporate world to follow Jesus and received his Doctorate in ministry. In a storytelling fashion, he gives practical insights on how to have a strong faith life and the power of Jesus. His first four books, “Jesus & Company”, “Your Faith Has Made You Well”, and about a year ago, Dr. Hartman was on our program discussing his book, “Spend A Year With Jesus”,  But today, we will be discussing his recent book is titled, “Jesus Is Everything: Discovering It All When There Is Nothing Left But Jesus.”

Questions explored in this podcast:

To live our Faith, to openly serve and proclaim Jesus as Lord, as you say, to “live the Gospel,” – that requires courage in this current politically correct climate today. Does your book share how someone who may be struggling with sharing their Faith, how they can find the courage to take a Faith stand in the face of this kind of opposition?

You share that following Jesus is simple to understand – but hard to be completely faithful 100% of the time. What should we do when we come up short and are now feeling a sense of “letting the Lord down?”

In the first chapter of your book, you discuss “The man in the bed.”  Can you explain this concept?

You teach that Jesus can give us total freedom if we are obedient. Doesn’t that seem like a conflicting statement?  Freedom versus Obedience?

Dr. Bruce, you share in your book that Jesus is the ONLY permanent force in our life. How can someone use that type of relationship to move forward in this world in which we find ourselves? What with the COVID lockdowns, the protests, the political instability, etc. How can someone come to the place of just leaning on the Lord and trusting in Him?

Before we finish today, I want to talk about your podcast for a little bit. Tell us about your podcast, “A Closer Walk with Jesus.”

How long have you been doing this podcast?