Giving Our Worries To God

Finding peace in a busy life 

Lessons explored in this episode: 

  • Finding peace and God in unusual places
  • Learning to see God in everyday moments
  • Trust that God is in your life

This week’s thought and challenge:

  • Give your daily burdens, work, and worries to God.
  • Trust that God is in our lives, despite whatever road we are traveling.

Suggested actions for this week: 

  1. Find a soothing place each day to pray
  2. Watch for God’s response to your prayer
  3. Through your faith, know God is involved in your life.

Two men and Jesus is a weekly VLOG/Podcast in which Dr. Bruce L Hartman and Pastor Lou Strugala discuss Christian topics about daily life. The weekly episodes are based on Pastor Lou’s blog for the week. Topics range from “God can make the impossible possible!” to “Finding Joy through Jesus.” Listen each week to two close friends discussing faith and daily life from the everyday person’s point of view.