Three Ways Jesus Can Help Your Business Career

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I can only do what I see the father doing.

-John [5:19]

In my counseling practice, I help people who have been displaced from the workplace. Many times unusual circumstances cause these people to be without a job. When they come to me, they are usually shaken and highly anxious. Their loss of a job was caused by occurrences out of their control, and left without a way to provide for their family.

I am not sure why I receive these clients. But I sure Jesus sends them to me and asks me to help. They arrive in ways that cause me to know it could only be providence. In this practice, I voluntarily pay back the many blessings I have received from the Lord. In my practice, I meet wonderful people with remarkable life stories—all who have the potential to help any company that will hire them.

After finding out why they were displaced, I ask what they want from their next job. Mostly they want to be productive and able to help. But they are desperate and will accept any job. They want to work again and support their family. Desperation is a bad place to start a job search, but understandable. My first job is to give them hope they will find a position equal to or better than their last job.

I tell them it starts with the right mindset. First, they must believe they are positive, trustworthy, and competent. They always say that it seems too simple. It is true that it is simple, but these three characteristics are all anyone needs to show to get hired. Acquiring this mindset is much more challenging. To accomplish this, they must rid themselves of anger at being dismissed and become resilient.

Sure, there are long, complicated personality profiles, and many companies will require future employees to take tests to see if they meet their requirements. But frankly, getting hired requires just three things, showing you have a positive attitude, are trustworthy, and are desirous of being competent. Nothing fancy; it all comes down to these three things, no matter how complicated the tests or questions. Three go-to attitudes that will answer any question correctly.

Even every question on a lengthy personality/aptitude test is related to one of the three traits. These three traits are the bedrock of an outstanding employee, and all we need to do is demonstrate them in an interview.

Jesus Wants Us To Be A Positive Team Player

This is where Jesus and His lessons can help. Being positive isn’t about being cheery and smiling. Instead, it is being confident in how you can help. It is demonstrating you can be a team player. After all, didn’t Jesus say, I can only do what I see the father doing. (John [5:19]) Talk about being aligned with the goals of God. Likewise, when we are in an interview, the company will pick up quickly if we have a positive company-first attitude.

Any organization that doesn’t have employees who have a positive alignment with its mission will always fall short of its goal. This is what hiring managers look for in future employees. And frankly, this is precisely the attitude we should have. It is being ready to cooperate and jump in to help at a moment’s notice. When you have and demonstrate this positive attitude, you are well on the way to getting hired.

Jesus Wants Us To Be Trustworthy

Jesus also stresses the importance of being trustworthy. Read the Parable of the Talents, Matthew [25:14]-30. In this wonderful parable, Jesus describes trustworthy employees. People who don’t have to be micro-managed. They just need to know what has to be accomplished. To be a trustworthy employee, just imitate the first two employees in the parable. Even when the boss is gone and out of sight, you still do a great job. In fact, you do a better job than expected. Trust me, showing you are that person in an interview will go a long way in getting you hired.

Don’t just say you are that person, have ready examples to demonstrate you understand you don’t have to be watched every second of the day. Ensure the hiring manager knows that you will give more than expected when they are out of sight.

During an interview, stress and show truthfulness is a significant character trait. Above all, answer every question honestly, with no embellishment. Yes, no exaggeration! Experienced interviewers can spot even the slightest hint of overstatement. Besides, can you imagine Jesus not telling the truth?

Jesus Wants Us To Be Willing To Learn

Finally, be able to show you are an eager and willing learner. Let people know you aren’t afraid to learn new things. And not only that, have examples from the past where you not only took on new tasks but excelled. The more you desire to be better, the more valuable you become to any employer.

Think about Jesus; God needed an emissary to visit us and reveal God’s plan to us. Jesus did just that as the incarnate God here on earth. When God wanted the world created, Jesus jumped in and accomplished the task. God wanted all humankind to be freed from their sin. Well, Jesus walked to the cross to accomplish that as well.

Now, it is a stretch that any employer will ask you to do as much as Jesus has done and will do. But always being ready to learn new things will help any employee. During the interview, express this desire. Employers want employees who are willing to learn and excel.

Studying and preparing for any interview should start with demonstrating you are positive, trustworthy, and an eager learner. Before the interview, ask yourself questions and see if your answers fall into these categories. Also, learn everything you can about the company. When you do this, you won’t have to worry about taking tests or doing a great job in the interview. You are sure to impress the interviewer!