Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 

Matthew [11:29] 

In my latest book, Jesus Is Everything, is a chapter called Surrendering to Jesus. Recently I was asked by an owner of a successful real estate company who read the bookhow can I surrender to Jesus and stay loyal to my business? Essentially, he was fearful that surrendering himself to Jesus would ruin his business. I actually hear this remark a lot.  

But to me, it is not a case of giving up; rather, it is an addition to running a successful business or having a bright career. Surrendering to Jesus doesn’t mean we should stop running our businesses or give up our jobs. Instead, it means we add the lessons of Jesus to all of our business behaviors and actions. Simple things like not being deceptive to customers. Or when we have a complex problem to not just rely on our human abilities to solve. Instead, pray to Jesus to help with the solution. Surrendering to Jesus helps us become both moral and successful.  

Jesus, right after he appointed all of the twelve apostles, gave a sermon to the masses. At the time of this sermon, the people were being told by the Pharisees Jesus wasn’t in compliance with the ten commandments, and they should not follow him. Ironically, the Pharisees followed their own passions and not those of God. In turn, to keep the local population subdued, they created excessive legalistic rules to follow. In effect, they were made the everyday person burdened by unnecessary rituals.  

In this sermon, Jesus contradicted the Pharisees on many fronts. In a direct reply to the burden of a false lifestyle and overly legalistic rules, Jesus said, Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. His statement cut directly against the ways of the Pharisees. What Jesus was offering was a new life, free from the burden of the Pharisees and free from the rat race of serving man.  

This is the surrendering Jesus wants from and for us. Not to bind us, but help us. Jesus wants us to stop pursuing the unquenchable goals of materiality and legalism. Instead, he wants us to chase a far more noble goal, that of living for God. He is also assuring us, we will have a far easier life. Jesus isn’t saying quit our jobs or sell our businesses. Jesus is saying to use his methods and teachings in running our businesses or in pursuing a career.  

I had a friend many years ago who was caught up in an awful business cover-up, which would end up making the national news. When he asked me what he should do, I encouraged him to pray and come clean by saying Today’s dollar is cheaper than tomorrow’s. At first, he resisted my advice by saying he would get fired if he told anyone. Seeing his reluctance, I agreed he would likely get fired, but that was likely anyway because it was only a matter of time before what his company was doing would be revealed. I also knew his action of revelation would start the process of a freed life.  

He revealed everything to his company’s CEO and was fired, as were his superiors, who encouraged him to participate in the illicit scheme. Lawsuits followed, and for a couple of years, life was tough for my friend. He lost his ability to work in a public company and was banned from being an accountant.  

However, later he started his own company in an unrelated field and enjoyed success. In his new position, he stuck to a clean and moral course. But he also expanded his prayer life, and when he needed answers to complex problems, he called on Jesus.  

While he achieved success in his new career, more importantly, he gained peace of mind. No longer did he worry about his actions. He was able to go home with a freed spirit. It also seemed that the day-to-day problems got more straightforward because he became riveted on following Jesus. Finding Jesus’ ways were aligned with a less complicated life. 

His story is the point about surrendering to Jesus. In his surrendering, he gained freedom. He also gained clarity in dealing with complex problems.  

Jesus wants us to live in peace and knows following his ways leads to a better life. No longer will we chase selfish and material gains. Instead, we gain a reputation of honesty and fair play, making us more valuable employees. If we own a business, we will earn a sterling reputation for providing  great customer service.  

Jesus is asking us, when we take his yoke, to focus on morality, kindness, and service. He knows the greater reward lies in how we accomplish and not what we gain. Jesus does not want us to get trapped by obtaining material gains at any cost. Instead, he wants us to obtain a life lived with a noble purpose.  

Jesus’ yoke is far easier, and our surrendering is not an act of giving up. On the contrary, it is an act that leads to freedom.