The Quality of Life Through Our Thoughts

“Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice.  The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts……..”

Gautama Buddha

Have you ever been around someone who feels like they’re carrying the world on their shoulders?  No matter what blessing comes their way, it’s never enough; never the right thing at the right moment.

That was me……

Many years ago, I lived worrying about the future so much that I would miss all the goodness of the present moment. It was an extremely selfish way to exist and caused me to miss so much of what was right in front of me.  I was not acting as a child of God in so many ways.

Most of you know that I follow the life and teachings of Jesus in my life; looking for the good, fighting evil.  I have learned that the wisdom of His teachings may be said in many different ways as in the quote above. We have a choice to be positive and recognize our gifts; and just as important to have others recognize ours and theirs. Then we can help society change for the better and enhance the lives of all…….

Praying for you and all those you love!

Pastor Lou Strugala

NJSP Chaplain

Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash

Lou Strugala

Pastor Lou Strugala has a wonderfully deep background in ministry. Lou is more of a “Street Preacher” and has dedicated his life to helping Jesus and those in need.