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On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about the open office design trend that has swept companies the last 20 years. Is it here to stay or is it on its way out? Then, we introduce you to the 22 skills that are shared by the most successful leaders and the steps you can take to identify and develop these skills in yourself. Plus, we discuss if a traditional MBA program is worth all the money, especially since there are so many business school alternatives out there. Are they just as good? Also, we talk about the importance of authenticity and morality in business decisions, and why it can be difficult to be ethical in business. Finally, we show you how to get your small business unstuck.

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Bruce Hartman is the founder of Gideon Advisors. He is a seasoned executive with 30 years of success creating shareholder value for Fortune 500 firms. Prior to founding Gideon Advisors, he was the Executive VP and CFO at Yankee Candle Company, Cushman and Wakefield, and Foot Locker, Inc. where he established global banking and capital market structures and contributed to significant increases in enterprise value. During his tenure at Foot Locker, the company rose from near bankruptcy to solid earnings generation with a stock price increase of 900%. His new book is “Jesus & Co”.

  • How you can be both ethical and professional at work. Shouldn’t those two things be interchangeable?
  • Why do people struggle with being both ethical and professional?
  • The importance of authenticity and morality in business decisions.
  • Which companies are good examples of authenticity, morality and professionalism? Which companies are not good examples?

*Released June 1, 2018, Barry Moltz Your Business Unstuck – “#483 Bill Himmelstein Reveals What Companies Are Discovering About the Open Office Design Trend And Why It Might Be On Its Way Out”