“By the tender mercy of our God,
the dawn from on high will break upon us”

Luke 1:7


As we prepare for Christmas with presents, our Christmas gatherings and dinners; consider the other purpose of Christmas. Sure, it is noble and right to celebrate this time of year with friends and family. A time that over the centuries has grown to be a time of giving and gathering. A time when we express our gratitude to those we love. The other purpose is a sacred purpose. Nearly two thousand years ago, humankind was given a new dawn, a heavenly gift. In this dawn would arrive to humble earthly parents a heavenly miracle, Jesus. Amidst all of our normal preparations it is right and good to take time to remember why we celebrate. To celebrate the mercy of God for arriving in the form of Jesus. A gift of revelation and redemption.

Points of Reflection

  • How does this new dawn, created by the arrival Jesus affect you?
  • What ways during the Christmas holiday time will you recognize Jesus’ arrival?
  • Is there a special and personal way you can honor the arrival of Jesus?

Blessings, until next time,
Bruce L. Hartman

Photo by Ben White

We love giving credit to budding photographers to help them gain more exposure.