Jesus, God’s Christmas Gift to Humankind

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Nativity Scene


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life.”

– John [3:16] (NRSV)


For many of us we have seen the people holding up signs that say, “John [3:16]”. We have seen it at the World Series, at the Masters, at All Star games and on street corners. Long held as the principle statement of Jesus’s purpose. For some this message has been associated with crazy people and for some as an enduring statement of their faith. It is both a controversial and revealing statement. But many things have been missed in this statement.

“When we look at this statement with this revelation, it expands who Jesus is to us. He is God.”

Jesus is making this statement about himself. This wasn’t a pronouncement by a well-known leader or religious scholar. This verse was said by Jesus. When we look deeper into the statement, we see that the word Son is capitalized. In the Bible, we always see the word God Capitalized. In fact, any reference in the Bible that refers to God is always capitalized. Son is capitalized in this statement and Jesus is referring to himself as God. Jesus, is making a bold statement that he is God. When we look at this statement with this revelation, it expands who Jesus is to us. He is God. 

“Through Jesus, God has revealed God.”

Jesus is God. Through Jesus in human form, God is revealing God to the world. Revealing God’s values and expectations. Revealing God’s purpose and God’s purpose for humankind. A revelation that God is with all humankind. A generous gift for all humankind,  whom have been created in the image of God. A revealing of the values that God wants us to live by. A revealing of our purpose, to love God and love our neighbor. A revealing that through believing in the Son of God we will have eternal life. This revelation extends beyond just a life of eternity. It extends to a way of life that when followed provides eternal peace. It reveals a life of confidence that our lives and our purpose matter. Through Jesus, God has revealed God. 

“Jesus is God; and is God’s Christmas gift for humankind.”

This simple statement said by Jesus reveals who He was. A wonderful Christmas present for all of humankind . Many of us Christians spin off into different directions when we try to describe Jesus. We have our theories and we have our arguments. Some think he was a great teacher and he was. Some think he was the “Lamb of God” and he was. Scholars spend years describing a single aspect of Christ. Theories are developed. Jesus is all these things we labor to describe. Jesus is God; and is God’s Christmas gift for humankind. 

Blessings, until next time,
Bruce L. Hartman



Who is Jesus to you?

Why was God revealing God to us through Jesus?