Is Jesus Good For Business? The Kingdom REI Podcast with Dr. Bruce L. Hartman

Dr. Bruce L Hartman was a guest on the Kingdom REI Podcast to discuss if Jesus is good for business.

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Dr. Bruce L. Hartman, a former CFO for Fortune 500 firms, such as Yankee Candle Company and Foot Locker, left the corporate world to follow Jesus and received his Doctorate in ministry. In a storytelling fashion, he gives practical insights on how to have a strong faith life and the power of Jesus. His first four books, “Jesus & Company”, “Your Faith Has Made You Well”, and about a year ago, Dr. Hartman was on our program discussing his book, “Spend A Year With Jesus”,  But today, we will be discussing his recent book is titled, “Jesus Is Everything: Discovering It All When There Is Nothing Left But Jesus.”