Lou Strugala; God’s Servant

The Lord is merciful and compassionate; slow to anger, and giving of kindness and love……”

Psalm 145:8

Note from Dr. Hartman

Every Monday and Wednesday, our website, A Closer Walk With Jesus, posts a message from Pastor Lou Strugala. Today’s message from Lou is a story about how he served his Lord on an eventful Sunday. You should know, Lou is very humble and only seeks the ways of the Lord. I assigned the title today, and Lou would object if he knew in advance.

I am always amazed at Lou’s heart and depth of faith.

What follows is his recent Saturday and I thought you should know what a wonderful Pastor Lou is for our country.

Saturday was one of those typical Jersey summer days; humidity and temperature about equal, and the sun adding a bit to help bake.  I received notification early of a fatality in one of the communities where I serve as a police chaplain and arrived at the scene a short time later.  Praying for the young man was about all that I could do as we all were waiting for the investigation to run its’ course.  While there, we received word of a fatal car accident, and it was felt by all I could be of more service there.

I knew many of the officers and firefighters on the scene, and had prayed with the NJ State Police Sergeant and crew at a diner in the past.

As we waited for the painstaking and thorough investigation with multiple agencies involved, I observed this Psalmist’s verse being lived out.  God was working through everyone on the scene in so many ways.  Here are just a few.

The main concern was for the family of the deceased: it was imperative to be 100% certain of the young man’s identity.  The secondary concern was for everyone on the scene:  I lost count of how many times I heard “Pastor Lou, you ok?”  Or a certain person is having a tough time; can I have him talk to you?”  Do you need water?  We have some coffee if you’d like… and on and on.   Kindness

And finally, when we went to the parents’ home, the officer showed tenderness and compassion that only comes as a gift from God in sharing news that turns a family upside down.

God was present through all the events that day; and I wanted to take this time to say “Thank you” to all our first responders. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers; and I wish you peace and safety!

Pastor Lou Strugala

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash