Being Thankful for Many Things

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever….”

Psalm 118:1

We’ve had an incredible few days of beautiful weather.  Many of us finished up the chores from spring, got together with friends and family; and even if we had to work, it was far more comfortable than it’s been lately.

Today I think it’s a good day to pause, reflect, and give thanks for all the simple blessings we receive. Yes, we have challenges and problems; but if we can focus on all the good, our whole demeanor changes.

Part of being thankful is recognition of the little things we may normally take for granted.  If you’re awake as early as I am, enjoy the sunrise and be thankful for your sight. Listen to that annoying little bird outside your bedroom window and be grateful you have hearing. When you pull into the gas station and think of complaining about how much it costs, give thanks for your car and the freedom of mobility it provides.

And especially as we go forward in a time of this pandemic; give a prayer of thanks when you put on your mask, that we can feel the discomfort and are able to breathe freely; then remember how much God loves you!

Praying for you…

Pastor Lou Strugala

Photo by Sam Bark on Unsplash

Lou Strugala

Pastor Lou Strugala has a wonderfully deep background in ministry. Lou is more of a “Street Preacher” and has dedicated his life to helping Jesus and those in need.