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Our book that provides a practical and relatable connection to the historical Jesus for business people today. Jesus & Co. uses the exact words spoken by Jesus and compelling historical evidence to bring Jesus alive in a very different way. He becomes accessible and real, by connecting His words and the ancient Judean marketplace with inspiring people from the 21st century.

Jesus & Co.

Connecting the Lessons of The Gospel with Today’s Business World

Discover a Relatable Jesus

Many Christians in the workforce — over 120 million Americans — desire to know Jesus more deeply and expand our faith lives. Our vision of Jesus has been skewed by the dogma and polity of our religious institutions, the fringe element of religious thoughts, and a decline in the institutional church. Jesus has become less relatable, and the forces of our contemporary society have hidden Jesus away in a dark closet. Jesus & Co. is a non-dogmatic and disruptive voice that retells the purpose and story of Jesus.

Reviews & Testimonials

Welcome to the Marketplace and the Messiah. Here, in the company of Jesus, Networker, Delegator, Team Builder, and Borrower, you'll discover the best practices of the gospel as lived out in the aisles and corporate headquarters of America. In Jesus and Co., Hartman, famed CFO of Foot Locker, shares his own search for a productive career as he walks his readers toward the One who is the Way, the truth and the life. Blessings on the Way.

Dr. Heather ElkinsAuthor of Holy stuff of life

As a Christ follower and business owner, I can tell you that every single word in this book has immense value. You can learn a ton from Bruce's workplace experience, personal faith, and God-given insight. A must-read!

Bryan MilesFounder and CEO of Belay

What Bruce Hartman has done in JESUS AND CO., and it’s no small accomplishment, is take the stories of Jesus and retold them in a way that not only makes them particularly relevant to the modern business world, but also reinforces their meaning for everyone.

Richard Willettaward winning playwright and editor of Proof of Heaven

Bruce Hartman presents a persuasive argument in a well written format. I would expect nothing less.
In the book Jesus and Co., Bruce invites the reader into his life as a senior officer in several Fortune 500 companies, while wrestling with the relevance of his faith as a Christian to his professional life. Drawing on his considerable body of work as the Chief Financial Officer of major corporations and, at the same time, drawing on the spiritual resources and challenges of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he gives insight to what it means to be a person of faith in every corner of one’s life. Bruce has given us another Jesus. He has made Jesus relevant to our lives. This book is evangelism at its finest.

Dr. Virginia SamuelFormer Associate Dean of Drew University Theological School

Bravo! Great book full of wonderful life lessons about Jesus, the Apostle's and the contemporary workplace! Bruce provides an excellent view of the connection of today's marketplace with Jesus's marketplace! A great guide for anyone searching to "balance" themselves, especially in today's business world. A MUST read for any business executive looking to be successful ethically and professionally!

Mike ZawoyskyFormer CEO of Shoe Sensation

Congratulations to Bruce Hartman for writing a unique book that explains how many of the challenges that he encountered during his distinguished career in the business world were successfully resolved using tactics that were in line with the key messages from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Having worked for Bruce during most of his years at Foot Locker, I can attest to his distinct management style that empowered others to “take charge”, his insistence that everyone “focus on what counts” and to do so in a way that was ethically sound. His leadership style and the management process he employed were instrumental in getting the organization to capitalize on many opportunities that led to Foot Locker’s ongoing success. In fact, many of the management processes that were developed during his years at Foot Locker are still used by the Company today.

Peter BrownFormer CIO and Treasurer of Footlocker

The relationship between Christianity and capitalism is fraught and complicated. Yet, in this thought-provoking book Bruce Hartman gives us a hopeful way of following Jesus in the marketplace with integrity and faithfulness. Christian leadership requires a rootedness that is also principally adaptable. Hartman show us how to do so with probity and character.

Javier A. VieraVice Provost, Dean of the Theological School, and Professor of Pastoral Theology and Leadership, Drew University

Bruce Hartman explores how and why the god of the market is a false god, but Jesus in the marketplace is true and to be trusted. Be moved, challenged, instructed, and inspired by this supremely satisfying and brimful book.

Leonard Sweetbest-selling author, speaker and founder of

Interesting and very thought provoking book. It’s helped me already in my attitude towards people that I come across. For instance, today we had new carpet laid in our basement, and I went down and talked to the workers, asking them about their job and how their company treated them, and they felt that they weren’t getting treated as well as they should be by their bosses. So after they did their job, we tipped each of them nicely and complimented them on the nice job they did.

When we go out for dinner, we always ask our waiter who the lowest paid employee is in the restaurant, and we go into the kitchen and tip that person. We feel good about it and the employee is always surprised and quite appreciative.

Lynda O’Connor Co-Owner, O'Connor Communications, Inc.

Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done. —Luke 22:42

Late at night in an ancient Judean garden, a man in his early thirties asked, “Are you sure this is the only way?”

It was the third time that evening the young man had returned to the garden, each time with the same request: “Are you sure?”

He was met by silence, but the answer was clear. The fullness of his humanity exposed, he was sweating to the point of bleeding. “Not my will but yours,” he reluctantly assented. He knew what lay ahead. Betrayal by his friends and humiliation in front of his community. An agonizing beating that would tear the skin from his back. A trek carrying his cross to a hill. Death by crucifixion. All this he and he alone had to undergo in order to connect humanity with God. In fact, he was creating a flower for humankind called Easter.


Many times in our work life, we face difficult choices, such as the choice between acquiescence to an unethical request from a boss or colleague and doing what’s right. We are frequently tempted to take the easy way, to relieve the pressure on ourselves, to dispel the tension, to avoid the moment of having to deliver a tough message to our superiors and to disobey them. The walk to the boss’s office will seem endless. Each breath and thought will hang thickly around us, almost choking us. But we have a choice; we can do the ethical thing, and we have the example above, of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane on that fateful night, to show why this is the choice we should make.

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