Advisory Services

Gideon Partners is a Christian based advisory firm that merges ethical business practices with a Christ centered approach for our clients.

Helping People Thrive in Their Careers and Personal Life

  • Ever feel you’re rushing around without getting anywhere?
  • Maybe you’ve had a successful business career but can’t get traction in the “New Economy”?
  • Perhaps you are a new grad and are struggling to enter the job market?

We have helped a number of people in similar situations smooth out their careers and find jobs. Our success rate is over ninety percent.

Helping People Merge a Christ-Centered Approach with Their Lives

  • Using the exact words of Jesus, with emphasis on the common sense of the parables, we help people reorient their lives.
  • We introduce the Sermon on the Mount as a vehicle for life coaching, focusing heavily on the inaugural sermon of Jesus as a source for a life game plan.
  • Using a Christ-centered approach that is combined with prayer, we assist others in establishing a personal relationship with Christ.

Contact us to engage in a journey to self-discovery of the value a Christ-centered life can bring.

Need a New Perspective for Your Business?

  • Do you run a successful business but would like to be more aligned with Jesus’s ethics?
  • Understand Jesus’s valuable lessons in management as he grew his organization from the backwater of Judea to become the world’s largest organization.
  • Learn how Jesus unleashed the power of twelve ordinary people to help with his start-up called Christianity.
  • Explore the merging of contemporary business practices with the lessons Jesus taught to the first-century marketplace.

Many of Jesus’s parables were directly related the first-century marketplace, in fact forty-two of the forty-nine parables were spoken directly to the merchants and craftspeople of his era. Most of these lessons apply today. Contact us to explore deeper.